Early Editorial Praise:

“…critical for any executive."

“Powerful – I believe in reading this book, I will come away having learned something that could change my career trajectory.”

“A great book!”

 "The Day One Executive demystifies the path to success in the professional world. It’s the definitive paint-by-numbers guide for becoming an executive.”

“An incredible guidebook for every leader.”

“beautifully written”

“A classic, like Strunk and White's The Elements of Style for aspiring and new executives.”

“Reads well and is full of good advice.”

“The wording, the flow, the examples, the personal stories - awesome!”

Seminars & Workshops

Our dynamic seminars and workshops prepare leaders at all levels to think like executives. Our faculty are seasoned executives and coaches with top credentials in leadership development.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Many people assume they will "one day" be an executive. Far better to distinguish yourself on Day One among executives as a future leader in your organization.

​Being an executive is a specific form of leadership you most likely were not taught in school or generic leadership development.

Whether it's the attitude of the leader, managing a team, leading change, or succession planning we give you the practical tools you need to excel.

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